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Just as it takes many pieces to complete a beautiful Jig Saw Puzzle . . . it also takes many pieces to create a successful Career. I can help you find those missing pieces.

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In January of 2000 I had the opportunity to put into practice what I had been telling my clients for the previous 15 years when I came back to work after the Christmas break and was informed I no longer had a job. It felt like my world was falling apart. Have you been there?

This event set me on a new path. A path to be the one that controlled my destiny. A path where I could help others learn what I had learned. A path to becoming a Career Coach to help others deal with managing their careers.

Career Coaches are not just for people new to the employment world: A career coach is there to guide your transition to greater achievement and success in your current career, or to help you find your new direction.

Many people miss out on what is perhaps one of the most valuable services a career coach can provide: The transition to a career completely different from the one they are currently in.

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