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Just as it takes many pieces to complete a beautiful Jig Saw Puzzle . . . it also takes many pieces to create a successful Career. I can help you find those missing pieces.

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Career Coaches are not just for people new to the employment world: A career coach is there to guide your transition to greater achievement and success in your current career. Many people miss out on what is perhaps one of the most valuable services a career coach can provide: The transition to a career completely different from the one they are currently in.


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Are you feeling unfulfilled and have a desire for a core-level change in what you do every day from nine to five, but have no idea what you'd like to do or even where to start looking ? This is what a career coach specializes in.

Have you been an accountant for the past two decades, or a cashier for the past ten years at a local retailer or restaurant and can not escape the feeling that you could be doing more with your life ? Do you feel that you are a little too old to start something new or that “all the young kids get the jobs” ? A good career coach is there to show you why those are mistaken lines of thinking.

Have you been running your own company for years, but want to be a part of something bigger, something with more of an effect on the world around you, even if your own company is earning you a good living ? This is where a talented career coach can show you where your years of experience and know-how is valuable to other companies, both in and outside of your traditional industry.

Did you reach this site today because you have a general feeling that there is something else, something more, something that can give you greater fulfillment in life ?

Fran Watson is the person who can give you some of the answers, the guidance and the next steps that you have been looking for.

Many clients have been pleasantly surprised to learn that making that change, taking that next step is nowhere near as difficult, expensive or scary as they had convinced themselves over the years.

Fran is not the kind of career coach that will simply give you a list of available jobs in an area that you think you would like to try: Fran will sit down with you, over the phone and through email, to learn who you are: What your current skills are, what you enjoyed in your past and what you've always wanted to do and show you what those next steps are to reach the point in your life where your first thought of the day is “I can't wait to get into work!”

Click here to start a conversation with Fran; You will discover that your initial consultation with her has absolutely no charge, just to show you how possible your desire for change is. You will also discover that the rates for her ongoing coaching and career guidance services are a lot more affordable than you might have thought.

Here is to you and your brighter, happier and more successful future!

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