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Everyone Needs A Coach

Coaching is the practice of supporting an individual through the process
of achieving a specific personal or professional result.

What Is A Coach?
A coach is someone who partners with others in a commitment of making the other person better based on their individual strengths and goals.

Coaches help individuals to discover, clarify, assess and understand their own experience, to identify their strengths, motivations, and preferred life/work directions, to explore alternatives and their possible implementation. It is a collaborattive process aimed at increasing self-awareness, identifying needs and directions, goal setting, developing and implementing action plans to achieve desired goals.

Coaching is about achievement
Coaching is about action
Coaching is about momentum
Coaching is about performance
Coaching is about attracting
Coaching is about creating
Coaching is about creating new openings

Ready to Take Action?

Contact Fran to discuss how personal coaching can help you. franlwatson @ (no spaces) Put Coaching in the Subject line.

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A Life Skills Coach helps individuals enhance personal and daily living skills in communications, human relations and problem solving. A Life Skills Coach designs and facilitates learning experiences aimed at maintaining and strengthening relationships and in addressing issues related to self, family, work, career, community and leisure.

Career Coaches assist individuals to achieve greater self-awareness, develop a life/work direction, increase understanding of learning and work opportunities and become self-directed in managing learning, work and trasitions. Career Counselling facilitates the identification of existing and learning of new "skills, interests, work habits, and personal qualities to enable each participant to create a satisfying life in a constantly changing work environment." The career counselling processis focused on helping individuals construct a career.

Work roles are constantly changing and the skills required are in constant flux, the learning of the worker is continuous. The work roles being filled by many workers today, especially in the knowledge work, often encompass duties and tasks that no longer fit the more static occupational title once assigned to that position in the organization. The term is skills-based and replaces the term Job Title or Occupation where either of these terms is static and does not allow for the rapid evolution of the position. Work is a set of actitivites with an intended set of outcomes, from which it is hoped that a person will derive personal satisfaction and contribute to some greater goal. Work is not necessarily tied to paid employment, but to meaningful and satisfying activities, and therefore is a major building block of career development.

Career Development is the lifelong process of managing learning, work and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evloving preferred future. The career counselling process is focused on helping individuals not to choose a career but to construct it.

Coaches help others find their opportunities and show unwavering faith that every person they touch has the ability to be their best. Coach’s possesses an ability to manage the physical and the psychological environment in a way that creates change with clear standards of performance and measurable progress.

A coach knows when to ask, when to Listen, when to encourage, when to praise and how to positively challenge procrastination and barriers to end result. They are masters in the conversations of Facilitating, Teaching, Mentoring and Confronting. They are experts at balancing growth, storming, nurturing and holding their partner accountable for results.

Coaching is performed with individuals and groups, in person, over the phone and online.

If you're old enough to realize you don't know as much as you once thought, but young enough to dream big dreams, consider personal coaching. You bring your wisdom, your learnings from the "school of hard knocks", and your optimism. And, as the poet once said, "The Best Is Yet To Be!"

Examples Where A Personal Coach Can Help:
* Personal Questioning/Growth
* Seeking New Personal Path
* Career Change
* New Business Direction/Opportunity
* Change in Family Situation: Divorce, New Marriage, Empty Nest
* Change in Health Status
* Surviving A Near-Death Experience

It takes time and effort to research and integrate techniques on one's own. Motivated individuals recognize that it makes more sense to tap into experience when you need it rather than struggle seeking answers through trial and error.

A Coach will give you the support you need to develop your talents and Accelerate Your Success. A coach will hold you accountable. Personal Growth/Life Coaching supports individuals in finding meaning and purpose in their lives.

Albert Einstein told us, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them".

Coaching helps us move to a new deeper level of thinking.

A Personal Growth Coach helps you to:

* Develop your own personal mission statement
* Eliminate what is not working and remove the stumbling blocks
* Learn about your personality traits and those of others
* Respect reality and face facts head on
* Understand your own life in terms of passages
* Take greater responsibility for choices
* Assess your strengths and acknowledge your limitations
* Achieve personal satisfaction and a sense of wholeness
* Embrace peacefulness
* Develop enhanced communication and listening skills
* See that there are different ways to approach problems
* Learn to stay grounded and true to yourself
* Build stronger relationships or let go

An Employment Counsellor works collaboratively with individuals to assess needs related to pre-employability, decision-making, job search skills, training, and employment maintenance. S/he assists clients to evaluate their employment needs, set goals and develop an action plan that includes activities to improve their employability and self-sufficiency in the labour market.

Fran is an experienced Employment Coach/Counsellor who has spent the last 27 years working in the field. She completed her BA in Social Development Studies and then took a Certificate Course in Teaching Adults. She has also completed a number of online courses in coaching and attended workshops and conferences, and is currently a member of She is interested in helping YOU be the BEST you can be.

Ready to Take Action? It's Your Move, and There's No Risk!

Contact Fran to discuss how personal coaching can help you. franlwatson @ (no spaces) Put Coaching in the Subject line.


I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities. -- Bob Nardelli, CEO, The Home Depot

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. --Timothy Gallwey, "The Inner Game of Tennis"

"Coaching has helped me unlock my own potential and focus my time, talents and energy on achieving my most important goals. Since getting a coach, I waste less time, I am more productive, and much more effective. It's the best investment I've ever made!" -- Brian Moore, Chicago, IL

Professional coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on the client taking action toward the realization of their vision, goals or desires... Professional and Personal Coaches Association (PPCA)

"Definition of Coaching" "Coaching is all about using my strengths and getting out of my own way. I used to spend endless time worrying, wasting time on silly details and doing things I hated and wasn't very good at. Now, I hire someone to do all of that, and use my talents -- my creativity and passion -- to build my business. In 3 months, we've doubled our sales, and I'm working less! You can't beat that with a stick!" -- W. G., Smithfield, PA

"If you are serious about reaching your goals and living well, hire a coach! !" -- Charlotte (& Bob) George, NY

"Career management coaches can identify missing skills or style difficulties and other pragmatic tips" The Wall Street Journal

"Across corporate America, coaching sessions at many companies have become as routine for executives as budget forecasts and quota meetings." – Investors Business Daily

"A coach maybe the guardian angel you need to rev up your career" – MONEY

"Coaching is having a dedicated mentor, it's getting knowledgeable support and encouragement and a new way of looking at things when you need it" -- Executive Female

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