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About Fran Watson

I have been working as a Career Coach for over 30 years. I have worked with a variety of people, both employed and unemployed, presented workshops on Job Search Techniques, Resume Writing, Portfolio Building, W.H.M.I.S., and more.

As an active and dedicated Toastmaster I received my DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) level, and was instrumental in starting two new Toastmasters Clubs. I have been presenting training workshops at Leadership Training Institutes as well as for local area clubs, and recently took on the role of Pathways Guide for the new educational program.

I completed my University Degree while working full-time and raising 4 kids to adulIhood. My kids participated in track and field, drama, hockey, figure skating, bands and more.

In addition to my role as a career counsellor and coach, I enjoy writing and have written articles for, the local newspaper, and many, many speeches.

As a Career/Employment Counsellor/Coach and Workshop Developer/Facilitator I can help you develop your Resumes and Cover Letters as well as your Portfolio.

Need help with your interview? Check out these Interview Tips.

For help with your cover letters, check out this pdf book by Jimmy Sweeney, or get in touch with me and I can help you. Here is a Skills Checklist for you to use to begin your resume. Checklist Most of us have more skills that they realize.

You can check out Fran's blog Job Search Tips and also Fran's Facebook Page

Do You Have A Portfolio?

If you are not familiar with portfolios, portfolios are a way to demonstrate to an employer the skills you have obtained over the years, whether or not you have the written certificates for a position. Many schools are now also using portfolios for Prior Learning Assessments.

Contact me for more information on ways to put together your portfolio.

Fran Watson - Activities

* I became interested in Toastmasters and public speaking a few years ago and have held all of the Executive positions at least once, including that of District 61 Public Relations Officer for 2011-2012.

I began with the Pembroke & Area Toastmasters Club , where I achieved my DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) and I have been awarded Toastmaster of the Year 3 times as well as the Tenacious Toastmaster award. I started the Renfrew Toastmasters and co-sponsored a new Advanced Club Valley Vintage Advanced Toastmasters. These clubs are all part of District 61 and Toastmasters International

* As a former member of CAPS (Canadian Association for Professional Speakers) I received the President's Award for Outstanding Service in 2002.

* Volunteer Committee member for the Miss Renfrew Pageant for 5 years 2001 - 2005

* Graduate of Waterloo University in Social Development studies in 2000,

Qualified to administer Myers Briggs and is a True Colors and Personality Dimensions Facilitator

* Previously involved with IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association) in promoting workplace health and safety and delivering Young Worker Awareness Programs.

* Completed Level 1 Life Skills Coach and Therapeutic Touch

* Involved with the Ottawa Valley Computer Club for over 18 years

Fran Watson - Author

* I enjoy writing and am the author of several articles for the local newspaper on Job Search activities as well as Public Speaking Tips for Toastmasters.

One of my poems Choices was chosen to be the opening page of the Fall Issue 3 (2004) of LOTUS Magazine. My poem "RISK" was also chosen for a school graduation program. I also published 4 books of poetry on Amazon.

Fran Watson
3119 Stone Road, Douglas, ON, Canada

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